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We have been here; at this apartment, (CloverBasin Village Apartments); since November 8,2005!!!We have seen, them; change management companies, at least three times, or more.

This latest one, is the worst. We paid RENT, last month. But; they are, saying, we didn't. We are, on Public Housing.

(Which means; our Housing costs, are reduced), due to being on SSI and SSDI!!! They, want us; to pay, MORE; that we have, per month. We are; only, supposed to pay, a 1/3 of our INCOME. We pay $241; but, we paid; more ($271), because, they want more; for a washing machine, that tears clothes.

They, want us; to pay, $1,042. (Because, we only, want; to go, month to month).

We do not; even get that much, per month. We only get $1,031 per month.

If, anyone, is thinking of coming out, to Colorado, to RENT, an apartment.

DO NOT RENT, from CloverBasin Village Apartments.

My husband's health, has gotten worse, since; we moved here.

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Spent the last two days bagging my stuff to prepare for bed bug control at this place. You rent to ***, you get ***. Definitely stay away from this place!!!

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