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We have been here; at this apartment, (CloverBasin Village Apartments); since November 8,2005!!! We have seen, them; change management companies, at least three times, or more.

This latest one, is the worst. We paid RENT, last month. But; they are, saying, we didn't. We are, on Public Housing.

(Which means; our Housing costs, are reduced), due to being on SSI and SSDI!!! They, want us; to pay, MORE; that we have, per month. We are; only, supposed to pay, a 1/3 of our INCOME. We pay $241; but, we paid; more ($271), because, they want more; for a washing machine, that tears clothes.

They, want us; to pay, $1,042. (Because, we only, want; to go, month to month).

We do not; even get that much, per month. We only get $1,031 per month.

If, anyone, is thinking of coming out, to Colorado, to RENT, an apartment.

DO NOT RENT, from CloverBasin Village Apartments.

My husband's health, has gotten worse, since; we moved here.

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Spent the last two days bagging my stuff to prepare for bed bug control at this place. You rent to ***, you get ***. Definitely stay away from this place!!!

to Anonymous #1431484

I have bed bugs and i told the office two months ago and nothing i have thrown away two beds and cleaned every nic and cranny. even bought my own beg bug spay and covers to put on my more expensive bed, unlike most of these people on here I pay my whole rent 1,600$ a month and i still get *** on!

oh they have no problems giving 3 day eviction notices for not singing my lease fast enough! even tho my rent was paid for the whole month. i signed my life away and renewed but that will not happen i am working on buying a new home!

and i will give them their required 90 days. and film ,y whole apartment apon moving out so i can not get bull *** charges for FIX cost!

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