I have lived here for several years and have hated every minute of it, but haven't been able to afford to leave. Until they raised their rates to ridiculous amounts, they used to be the nicest for the amount.

Now, they are soooo not worth it! I've been stuck! But finally moving out in a few months when my lease ends! Management is horrendous.

One person tells you one thing and another tells you something else, and the tenant will be punished for the managements miscommunication. The few employees that are decent, don't last long. The Apartment manager is the worst i've ever seen! They look for any reason to *** out of money.

They spent who knows how much last year putting in ridiculous dog training toys in the dog park that NO ONE uses and kids play on more often than not, and changing all the signs to say "Luxury apartments" but did no work inside the tiny, crumbling apartments themselves. Any maintenance takes forever to get done, if it gets done at all. Though the maintenance guys are super nice, but overwhelmed. This place was built so poorly and the cheapest of cheap everything was put in here...but they will charge you for the cheap *** breaking for sure!

The quality of people gets worse and worse every year. My kids bikes and toys are constantly being stolen, even off our porch! The police are here constantly, usually because the neighbors call them for just about anything, domestic disturbances, drugs, and who knows what else. It's a surprise when you don't see a cop car in the parking lot!

Some of the tenants look like they belong in the ghetto. The Apartments are quite literally falling apart! You can hear everything...from the people who stomp up and down the stairs, to people talking (or arguing and screaming) in the breezeways, to the breezeway doors slamming shut! The windows and doors leak horribly!

There is never enough parking.

And they love to stick all the section 8 people in the same buildings and if you happen to be stuck in that same building, then it is assumed you are also on section 8 or receive other assistance, and treated like a low life by management.

The only positive thing I can say, is that they usually do a pretty good job keeping up the Grounds. It's not perfect, but they try.

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I am on a mental health voucher, I don't get treated any poorly than you do, in fact...Sounds like I may get treated better. Sometimes the way you treat others may be the way you get treated.

It is not the best place in world. But its a roof over my head and there are those I can help. I look at every situation as a chance to help others. And this has been a great experience.

Been 6 yrs.

I will ne moving on next lease change. Be blessed


I agree. I live in the sister community, Quail Village.

The apartments are "luxury" but you hear every noise in the parking lot, and sometimes you hear your neighbors. The new management company, Mission Rock, are greedy as ****. They are telling us that we have to have insurance in the amount of $100,000 on our units, charging $75 per month for water, trash and sewer. Those were included in rest up until this year.

They increased my ready by $500 this year. No amenities up here either.

No pool, no exercise equipment, only a tiny little playground which I'm not even sure anyone uses.

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